Devashish Prasad

I am currently harnessing generative AI to address the most complex challenges in Biology for advancements in drug discovery. My current role - Associate Machine Learning Scientist II at

I have published 3 research papers in deep learning /machine learning. One of the papers was published at CVPR and has over 150 citations and 1.3K Github stars. For more details, my Google Scholar profile.

In the summer of 2023, I earned my Master of Science in Computer Science, specializing in Machine Learning, from Purdue University, achieving a GPA of 3.6/4.0.

During my final year of graduate studies, I served as a Research Assistant at Kihara Lab, one of Purdue University's premier applied ML research labs. There, I employed generative deep learning models for intricate protein structure analysis and established a machine learning serving infrastructure for these computation-intensive models (

In the summer of 2022, I joined Snap Inc.'s Camera Platform team as a Machine Learning Engineer intern. My role involved developing and deploying a deep learning-based optical flow prediction model to automate Snapchat's video annotation process. This initiative enhanced video labeling and annotation efficiency by 15% for Snapchat's gigantic unlabelled video datasets.

In my first year of graduate study, I collaborated with Viasat Inc. through Purdue's The Data Mine program as a Graduate Data Science Researcher. My research focused on developing Deep Learning algorithms to tackle blind image super-resolution challenges, intended specifically to enhance the quality of Viasat's internal satellite imagery.

Before my relocation to the US, I completed five internships in India, focusing on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the topics of News sentiment analysis, ML in finance, Sports vision analysis, Document understanding, Optical Character Recognition, Face Recognition, Fine-grained image classification, Chatbots, etc.

I have been at the Smart India Hackathon (India's biggest Hackathon) grand finalist three times. During which, I worked on ML/DL-based projects for ISRO, ITC Ltd, and DRDO (India's esteemed organizations).